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Natural Building Colloquium article on CEB. 
CEB article

CEB Code;geturl;terms=ceb
Compressed Earth Block Code as adopted by New Mexico.  Scroll down on this page to the section on CEB.

Books and Periodicals
This periodical and website is another great resource for CEB, traditional adobe, and rammed earth.
A very detailed online guide to CEB produced by CRA Terre of France.

Guelberth, Cedar Rose,  and Dan Chiras.  The Natural Plaster Book.   B.C., Canada:  New Society Publishers, 2003.  An excellent reference on natural plaster.

McHenry, Paul G., Jr. Adobe and Rammed Earth Buildings: Design and Construction. Tucson, Ariz.: University of Arizona Press, 1984.  A great adobe reference that covers the history, soil selection, wall construction, and other topics associated with this type of construction.

_____. Adobe:  Build it Yourself.  Tucson, Ariz.: University of Arizona Press, 1985.  A thorough introduction to adobe construction.

_____.  The Adobe Story:  A Global Treasure.  Washington, D.C.: American Association for international Aging, 1996.  An excellent reference for those wanting more information on the history of adobe.

The Auroville Earth institute of India is a leader in CEB technology.  They are an excellent resource.

Earth Block Machines 
Powell and Sons
We use a machine built by Bill Powell
Advanced Earthen Construction Technologies, Inc.

Rubble Trench Foundations: an energy and cost saving foundation alternative  
An overview of rubble trench foundation basics.

Velonis, Elias. "Rubble Trench Foundations: A Simple Effective Foundation System for Residential Structures", The Best of Fine Homebuilding. Taunton Press: Newtown, CT, 1997.

Thermal Mass/Insulation/R-Value

Cavity Walls
Although this site does not address CEB it does cover the history and use of massonry cavity walls.

Natural Building Companies and Contractors

Earth Block Inc.

Jim and Nora Hallock 970-883-2456

Todd Swanson
Durango, CO

Green Building Supply
Natural and non-toxic building materials
Fairfield, IA

Renewable Energy and Sustainable living

The Midwest Renewable Energy Association
A non-profit network devoted to promoting and supporting renewable and efficient energy.

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If you are interested in more information on Compressed Earth Blocks (CEB) and associated natural building materials and methods, we encourage you to explore the following websites and books.  Please e-mail us with additional links, books, and videos so we may develop a detailed guide of natural building, environmental awareness, and energy efficiency/independence.  We would also be happy to post information on other businesses incorporating this mission.