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Fully Automated Compressed Earth Block Press  posted 8/28/17

-Side/horizontal press
-John Deere 4 cylinder diesel engine Type 4039DF001
.Approx. 60+ horsepower
-Fully Automated requiring 1 or more people to operate.
-Blocks 4" height by 14" length by adjustable width 10"
down to 2".
-Production Rate approx. 360 per hour.
-Dual axle trailer with breaks and lights.
Price: $20,000  
Retails for approximately $60,000 New

As part of this purchase Midwest Earth Builders will provide 2 days training on machine operation and maintenance. During that training we can also address general CEB construction details and visit completed projects.  Price does not include shipping and we will only ship to the lower 48 states. 
Details:  This machine was originally built by Adobe International in the 1990's.  It was modified to provide compression on both sides of the block (double press) by Bill Powell of Powell and Sons (EarthTek).  We have owned this press since 2005. The mold was rebuilt with  AR plate approximately 10,000 blocks ago. 
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